Anping Glory Filter Wire Mesh Element Products Factory

Quality Control

The engineer and worker To follow up the ISO requrement processing and made the Filter disc mesh,Filter cylinder Mesh ,Filter Elements products in China.glory ISO

The Material Control :
The AISi 300 series and SUS 300 series of Material for have Japan import ,Shanghai Baogang Steel Corp. TAIYUAN IRON&STEEL(GROUP)CO.,LTD.and other bigger Factory raw material supplier.

The Wire Mesh Material :
The Stainless steel woven wire mesh ,Fine wire mesh ,Crimped Woven wire Screen ,Brass wire mesh ,Dutch wire cloth,Perforated Mesh,Expanded Mesh,Etched Filter mesh,Nylon Net.Our engineer will be test and checking the raw material Grade,The wire diameter, The holes ,Mesh or Micron, The craft lever and surface Grade.For make sure to The clients got suitable wire mesh material .

The Measuring Tools & Tolerance:
For checking and test the products ,To use 10 up Qty of  Measuring Tools during the all step or producting line. The Measuring Tools will be proofread and replace to new ones in  regular schedule. To make sure the size base on Tolerance area.

The Craft and Quality Contro During Producting line:
From Cut raw material to the finished products ,and measuring tools operating and using.All the step and line for checking and test,when the raw material and products test pass or up the quality craft lever ,Then arrange to next producting line,To make sure all products best !  The rate of Imperfect items very lower when finished the order. To Keeping the dimension and Crafe catch up and suitable to the filtration systems manchines or parts during the working .